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Courtney Frye
Courtney Frye
Courtney Frye

Courtney Frye

Relational Aggression - Bullying Prevention #Bullying #Friendship

Such a cool idea! This will help each student feel important, needed, and supported in the classroom. I would maybe allow other students to write complements for their peers as well (but make sure that everyone is included, not just a few people). This can also help to create great bonds between students and teachers. Everyone wants to feel important!

Education World: Getting Ready for the Big Test. Best Test Pep Rallies: 2,4,6,8--Taking Tests and Feeling Great!

"I am 'cheering' you on today!" Serve students snacks with fun signs the morning of a big test.

Toss away anxiety with a paper airplane... Great for right before the state testing that is coming up!

Absolutely stealing this idea - Make Rosie the Riveter-style "I Can Do It!" pictures of each student before a big standardized test and hang them in the room

Build a Worry Warrior. Create an imaginary creature or contraption to help gobble up your worries!

I love using this book... here is an activity to go along w/ it!

School Counseling Disclosure Sign Free Printable | SCHOOLCOUNSELINGs...

School Counseling Needs Assessment-- could tailor to individual student needs - like the Leaps data - in case can't get leaps short assessment for each kid

Great activity to have students look for synonyms for "said" during readers' workshop.

Back to school bulletin board that would be great near a school entrance.

FREE RTI refernece menu with multiple options for each scenario "if a student struggles with...."

Free counting coins clip cards and great books for learning about coins and money.

Diy Instagram Gift Tags.

the pink breakfast smoothie. Mitzi's Modification: need to reduce the peanut butter to 2 tsp though or too many calories.

The best way to make connections with your students is through creating a family atmosphere. Check out these ideas and freebies on building community through respect in your classroom!

Art Therapy Colouring Book... I think I need this.

First, collect data!! My kids had 39 blurt outs in one hour! Wow! Then, come up with a reasonable goal and reward. Let the students give ideas for rewards. It will also help if you have a behavior replacement. I used Velcro on the back on the numbers. Whenever a student blurts, I will take the number off starting at 8. If they stay within the 1-8 number range, then they will receive a link on a paper chain. Once the chain touches the floor we're going to have a big shindig! Depending on your ...