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    Growing Hair

    Springtime Science with Seeds

    Science Apps for for kids (good blog too)

    Science Apps for iPads (Science for Kids)

    Ziploc greenhouses ~ Love this free and simple idea!


    Kindergarten science - solids to liquids. Couldnt use the candle wax but I like the choc. melting in your hand and ice

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    Love this diagram with a coffee filter and sunflower seeds!

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    13 Vegetables That Magically Regrow Themselves

    It's All About Science

    Primary Graffiti: It's All About Science


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    What Scientists Do for Kindergarten Science

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    Little Miss Kindergarten - Lessons from the Little Red Schoolhouse! Product update! YAHOO sunflower science added!

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    Growing Hair! Too funny! Great for a classroom activity.

    Springtime Science with Seeds

    Simple Science - Rising Raisins. Kids will love watching the raisins rise and sink and discovering the science behind the process.

    Simple Science - Rising Raisins

    Science Experiments with Grover! This video is FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and SO HILARIOUS!

    Digital: Divide & Conquer: Science Experiments with Grover!

    Growing Hair! Too funny!

    Springtime Science with Seeds

    Project shows how the Earth goes around the Sun and the Moon goes around the Earth.

    Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Sun, Earth, Moon Model Craft

    Plants We Eat, Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

    Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten

    5 senses poster

    Kindergarten Smarts: 5 senses poster

    Chameleon Carnations - classic color changing flower experiement for kids

    color changing carnations | paint cut paste

    Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle so the kids can see what is happening.

    Alternative Gardning: How to grow carrots in a Soda bottle

    "Observing Worms" Science Journal and other activities

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    How to Make Lightning - Two simple science experiments for kids to demonstrate how to make sparks and explain how lightning occurs.

    How to Make Lightning ~ Learn Play Imagine

    Crazy Grass Heads! So much cooler than writing students' names on the cups of grass we grow! :)

    Fun for kids

    Needs/parts of a plant activity

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    Label a Flower

    Label a Flower

    love love love this idea // kindergarten at heart.

    Kindergarten At Heart: Take-Home Bags