Anna Kendrick is all of us

Anna Kendrick is all of us. Magazine photo shoot vs day to day reality. Friggin love her


Oh hello Ryan Reynolds.

"I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph", Shirley Temple

I used to look forward to watching Shirley Temple movies on Sunday mornings. My daughter puts her hands on her cheeks, opens her eyes wide and says "Oh my!" So I call her my little Shirley!

Keith Urban

Kieth Urban, hate long hair but his dimple/smile makes up for it.

Jensen Ackles

Beautiful Jensen Ackles who plays my buddy Dean Winchester on Supernatural. We would totally trade fart jokes and eat our way through a Las Vegas buffet.

I give you Jennifer Lawrence

I give you Jennifer Lawrence, The queen of faces.i love her

Wiig & Poehler

Funny women who love their bubble gum.TY Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler


The Vampire Diaries' Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)

.The fact that JGL says this, is proof that reading can be very sexy.

simple with bowtie: inspired linen suit, patch pockets, bow tie, on Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

he's, just, too many forms of awesome

dressed as Sherlock carrying a Iron Man lunch box. Can this man be any cooler?the fact he's man enough to carry a kid's lunchbox around as his own is epic all by itself!

Norman Reedus -Daryl Dixon, Walking Dead

Norman Reedus -Daryl Dixon, Walking Dead- the man who lived.

The "President of Pop"

wmagazine: “ “The President of Pop,” Justin Timberlake. Photo by Michael Thompson, W Magazine October ” Timberlake

Jensen Ackles - I love when he laughs

It is not fair that such a beautiful man exists. and I can't have him, hehe. But seriously, if there is a God, Jensen Ackles is proof she's a woman.

Chris Pine.... Love him!!!!

Chris Pine- I dont know who he is either but ahh his eyes and facial hair, gorgeous man--> come on Chris Pine played Captain Kirk in the new Star Trek Movies!

I love the color of his eyes!! Louis Tomlinson

"She Makes Me Happy." - Louis - "She Makes Me Happy." - Louis

Louis Tomlinson was at the Teen Choice Awards yesterday (obvs because he is an important member of One Direction) looking like a manly man. {click the picture}