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Courtney Sperlazza

Courtney Sperlazza
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ATP & Respiration: Crash Course Biology In which Hank does some push ups for science and describes the "economy" of cellular respiration and the various processes whereby our bodies create energy in the form of ATP.

In Da Club - Membranes & Transport: Crash Course Biology [sociallocker][/sociallocker] Hank describes how cells regulate their contents and communicate with one another via mechanisms within the cell membrane. Crash Course Biology is now .

The WHO has classified EMFs as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." Here are simple steps you can take right now to reduce your EMF exposure.

Easy Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution for Tablespoons Liquid Tide Laundry Detergent cup Awesome cleaner (dollar store brand) 1 scoop Oxyclean (I used generic dollar store brand) 1 teaspoon Downy Fabric Softener (optional) Hot Water, one gallon

Paleo Almond Chicken Recipe

Paleo Almond Pulp Crackers are made with 5 healthy ingredients. They're perfect for using up leftover almond pulp after you make almond milk!