Bengal Kitten

The Bengal Baby is a hybrid breed of domestic cat. Bengals result from crossing a domestic feline with an Asian leopard cat to get their desired colouring. I want this kitty.


The Caracal is a med-sized wild cat @ long, native to Africa, Asia into India. AKA ‘desert lynx’ tho it’s not a member of the lynx family. It’s most closely related to the African golden cat; likely diverged from serval lineage w/in the last 5 my.


California Valley Quail, the State Bird. ( love having outside my patio everyday by the dozens )

finger monkey

Finger Monkey- I want it. I want a tiny monkey. I want a tiny finger monkey!

This just makes me happy

Listening to Kriss Kross: "Jump.The Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump. The Daddy Mac will make you Jump Jump.Kris Kross will make you Jump Jump.


I have a weird thing for owls. They are majestic birds with wisdom in their eyes.

three fennec foxes

Funny pictures about Baby foxes. Oh, and cool pics about Baby foxes. Also, Baby foxes photos.

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An amazing sculpture by artist Tomohiro Inaba. "Tomohiro Inaba is a young artist who finished his graduate studies in Suz.I just drew this last week!

These are my Favorite type of Posters-Illustration Friday :: Children's Book Illustrator - Pippa Curnick

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