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Love Me A Meme

Love Me A Meme

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That other mom....

The Hunger Games

I NEED This!

Our English Teacher printed off a bunch of these one day and let us just come up with insults for about a half hour. It was great fun. -Olivia. Me. Yeah.

One of Pixar's darkest jokes

  • A Paris
    A Paris

    It's not toy story 3, it's Partysaurous Rex

Oh no you didn't.

Classic Michael Scott on The Office series finale. ♥

Breaking Bad as a Romantic Comedy - YouTube

Miss Congeniality

Being a grown up.


Oh. My. God.

Someone didn't make the cut

Book reading ghost stories to other books. Hahaha

This is perfect.


  • Becca Raymond
    Becca Raymond

    Greatest post ever!

  • Mary Berry
    Mary Berry

    Spongebob tampax spongebob tampax SPONGEBOB TAMPAX doo doo doooo

  • Alex Poop
    Alex Poop

    That's so wrong funny but wrong lmfao

  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller

    Alexa Schaad this is sooo wrong

  • Mary Berry
    Mary Berry

    You got to admit it is hilarious

Grumpy cat in Disney movies.

Greed is a bitch George

Spock, the friendly Walmart assistant

I thought i was the only one...

said no mom ever.

The most expensive part of having kids is all the wine you have to drink.... True story!

Charlie Swan: Vampire Slayer. I would so read this book.