(This is adorable! I wanna rp it) *i giggle and let one of my snakes kiss him* "So do I."<<<this is the scutest thing ever omg

Reading the book before the movie is always better.

Plus you get all those delightful, precious details movies leave out, and may even miss meeting some invaluable friends of a literary nature that don't make it into the movie.<<THIS AS WELL.

Pinning because THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Are you not inspired yet?

Lord of the Rings Supernatural (TV Series) Merlin (TV Series) Hunger Games Doctor Who (TV Series) Atlantis (TV series) Narnia Harry Potter Sherlock (BBC TV Series) Les Miserables

Dick Van Dyke is cooler than you.

(Mary Poppins) Dick Van Dyke is cooler than you. - Oh my God, he's awesome!

I'll take the spontaneous musical numbers, perfect hair, epic clothes, and endless supply of walls to paint. XD become a disney princess!

Updated version: first picture is the Twelfth Doctor, second is Patrick Troughton, third is William Hartnell (I'm sorry.) Fourth is Frazer Hines and my OC Thirteenth Doctor/actress Suzie Henderson. Fifth and six stay the same I guess.

Hi, I'll be auditioning for the part of the Eleventh Doctor and I'll be singing "Say Geronimo" by Sheppard. >>> Hello I'll be trying for the part of Percy Jackson and I'll be singing Riptide by Vance Joy<< I lost it at girlfriend for Sherlock XD

A design thats always changing! A clock!

Amazing-clock-design-square home design design decorating before and after design ideas

Young Nathan Fillion

a very young nathan fillion in a forest educational video (firefly)

Robot Hugs comic:  Female roles in movies.  | The message is, for guys, no matter how incompetent, unremarkable, average, motivationless, or mediocre they are, life will still find a way to place them (magically, if necessary!) into a totally undeserved position of physical and mental superiority over women! | I still want a Black Widow movie; just let's please avoid this.

I've just realised this is The Matrix to a T. 😱 Robot Hugs comic: Female roles in movies.

Fandom apocalypse!

By Anna Rettberg. I see Buffy, River and Serenity. House, big bang, walking dead, breaking bad So many fandoms!