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We've been around since 1960. We've also picked up a trick or two along the way as you don't become the UK's best independent art supplier without a little know…
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a display in a store window filled with halloween items
Halloween, Shoreditch 2014
a store window with halloween decorations and ghost figurines
Halloween, Shoreditch 2014
there are many halloween items on display in the store window, and it's time for trick - or - treat
Halloween, Shoreditch 2014
there are many signs on the side of the road that have been set up in front of a tree
Jordan from our Shoreditch branch at our stall at the Brick Lane Village Fete last weekend! Anyone fancy a game of 'Pin the Horn on the Unicorn'?
a person holding a coffee mug with blue nail polishes on their nails, while laying in bed
In our new photo series - Pantone Mug Mondays! Pantone fan Nancy of @Daniela Mendes 88 nailed this #color match! #mugmondays #colorinspires
the inside of a store filled with lots of balloons
Highbury Panorama view
a large metal rack filled with lots of cans
Liquitex Spray Paint. So good it's caged up!
a bottle of ultramarine violet is sitting in a wooden box next to other items
Michael Harding paint tube 225ml Ultramarine Violet
Oil Bars set of 12. Oil Bar, Oil, Bar Set, Artist
Oil Bars set of 12.
Michael Harding Scarlet Lake
Michael Harding Scarlet Lake
several markers and pens are in the package
#Aquamarkers #Letraset These are great to play around with. You can blend them just like watercolours! #markers #watercolour #twintip
there are many different colored pencils on display
Newplast and their amazing colours
a close up of a yellow sign with black writing on it that says, cowling & bros inc
Cowling price tag
a close up view of a pencil with colored crayons on it's tip
This would make for an interesting sketch
Pastels anyone? Breakfast, Foods, Pastel, Pastels, Food
Pastels anyone?