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Wisdom for My Wall

Wisdom for My Wall

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Unlike many scientists, Einstein did not find science and a belief in God to be mutually exclusive. His intuitive mind was intoxicated by the beauty and symmetry that he saw and understood. So many people today want to throw God onto the ash heap of history, a quaint relic of some bygone fireside belief that our ancient ancestors came up with to help "warm the frightful cold nights of human aloneness in an infinite universe." Albert Einstein didn't believe that and would be out of fashion today.

John Green, from Looking for Alaska if I'm remembering right?

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I have had chronic ear infections for all my life. The last 20 years have been very rough. The last 10 the infections have been pretty much non-stop. About 7 years ago, I launched a new print magazine that killed nearly a dozen highly funded corporately backed magazines, becoming the market leader in its niche. Most of the time, I felt like absolute crap. I can really relate to this saying. Good advice.

Dr. Seuss is nearly always right, isn't he?




Yeah, like jail is just a room.

Yes, you don't have a soul, you are a soul. Who has a body.

These words are so true. No matter how hard you fight to build something, small minds and lives who attempted and achieved little will always belittle you, your ideas and your successes. It's part of the territory. Do it anyway, even if it pisses them off -- which it will.

I know a guy that every time he talks to me, I recall these words.

Lessons learned are like bridges burned...or not.

I tried normal once, it wasn't all that it was reported to be.

One of the proofs of character.

You have to know when to quit.

It's a matter of relativity.

Yes, smile because it happened. And it was wonderful, wasn't it?

Yep, Einstein. 'nuff said.

Truer words were never spoken.

I have lived my life by these words. Always be willing to forgive because it makes you a bigger person. But remember that the chances are great that they'll be the same person they were. That is a valuable lesson.

Too many people live lives of silent fear, worrying about what others will say about them. They hide their hearts and their minds and their lives become vapid and gray because of it all. Zooey Deschanel is an original and I love her for it. Odd, at times very much out of sync with the world around her, but that is what makes me like her all the more. It's hard to be an original but Zooey does it well.