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The mischievous little alien is here to play! Look, he's brought Scrump with him too♪ June 26 is Stitch Day - celebrate it which these super cute stickers!

10 Facts About the Mulan movie
13 reasons Disney shows were better in the 90′s…

This episode was one of my favorites growing up because I loved seeing Ariel being a true friend to someone she just met and that's something everyone should admire.

This post is so accurate. I didn't get a dog till I was 10 and when I did it wasn't what I expected from tv. It was so much better! And I have never been able to really believe another tv dog, until dug. He acts just like my dog, the way a dog should!!!!

Those Monsters

Disney always rips your soul out and then a couple mins later in the movie when he tell Koda about his mom, DROWNSINTEARS!