A fun take on everyone's favorite wagashi, jello mochi! Fun to make and to east, these Japanese sweets are easy to make with a microwave in only a few minutes!

Try this easy and tasty strawberry Jello mochi recipe. Get more island style recipes here.

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Chocolate Butter Mochi -Sweet rice flour is the secret to this unusual -- and unusually good -- chocolate creation. (Photo by Carolyn Jung)

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Custard Mochi ... I had never seen a mochi recipe that separated into a layer of mochi, a layer of custard and then a glorious layer of crust (yes, I count a good crust as a layer!). Needless to say, I had to make it right away and I am so happy I did. It’s a pretty crazy recipe, it asks for 4 cups of milk and 4 eggs…but we are making custard! How did it turn out? Heavenly. Absolutely perfect.

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