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How does Fanculture Influence Branding? Exploring the meaning and influence of FanCulture on brand messaging and brand strategy. Examining the way that fans elevate and promote brands through proactive advocacy, FanCulture addresses the ultimate question for marketers: What is the formula for creating brand fans and brand loyalty, how to identify them, and how to raise brand value through the efforts of fans.

Dark Knight Rises Launches Digital Media Campaign, Questions Batman's Sanity | Marketing strategy behind Dark Knight Rises looks to engage fans by allowing them to assist in Batman's capture. What do you think, is Batman nutso or simply misunderstood?

Why Storytelling Is The Ultimate Weapon: Exploring how science supports the notion that storytelling is the most powerful means of communicating a message

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Want advice on how to stay ahead of the digital curve? Look for new book Velocity: The Seven New Laws For A World Gone Digital, co-authored by AKQA's Ajaz Ahmed and Nike's Digital Chief Stefan Olander

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Creative Media + Marketing Solutions

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