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Package Design
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The single-eye illustration and the greeting, work together to engage the consumer, reinforced by the line: "I want to follow you." This powerful combination immediately captures consumer attention, making it impossible for prospective buyers not to spot this bottle on the shelf as it's so different and impactful. As soon as the consumer takes the bottle off the shelf and holds it in his hands, he can read on the back of the bottle, the following text:

A new sensory olive oil designed by Matadog Design that really stands out from the crowd. Slender, green bottles are given clear vision with a single eye, alert and welcoming.

TripleBogey Brewing Co. | CREATEiD

Branding and package design by Paul Rezar and Geoff Tait. When trying to design the look and feel for golf’s premium lager.


The new Taylor Swift Diet Coke can to be released in October! I'm suddenly a diet coke drinker.


Epic Protein Bars are a unique cross between jerky and energy bars that get their protein exclusively from all-natural, organic, and grass-fed meat.