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Adventures of the Polka-Dotted Teacher: Economy

the producers of the TED Conferences have launched a site dedicated to providing highly professional and fun educational videos and resources. From Business and Economics to Science and Technology, these 5-10 minute videos and lessons are delivered in an informative and highly entertaining fashion.


Lessons Worth Sharing

Interactive Lemonade Stand Economics for Kids

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Needs and Wants Economics Skill Sheets

FREE Needs & Wants Economics Activities~ Four (4) ready-to-use worksheets with teaching suggestions and full-sized answer keys -AND- a reading selection and word search that introduces basic economics concepts. Just print and go! This lesson is part of a companion product. Check it out @ #economicslesson


Needs and Wants Economics Skill Sheets

Once Upon a First Grade Adventure: Wonderful Wallets!

economics for kids, taught through weekly cartoons, finance-related games, or creating a practice stock portfolio.


Secret Millionaires Club with Warren Buffett | Home