You guys, Stralya is worried about us.

America's Gun Problem Is So Bad Even Australians Are Scared

"That looks like the frosty cap of King Neptune's Atlantean beer stein. ... In reality, what you're looking at is a dust storm developing near Onslow, Australia." (via 'The Top 116 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped') #Terrifying #Nightmare #BeerDisaster

The Top 116 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

They're all constantly throwing up, according to their national anthem or whatever.

20 Shocking Lyrics You Didn't Notice in Famous Songs

Even the koalas are out to get you. STAY FAR AWAY

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Cassowaries kill people, and we have the animated video to prove it.

A Brief History of the Most Terrifying Animal on Earth

Melbourne was almost named "Batmania", but the Aussies went with a non-Batman name because in the end they don't care about other people.

The 5 Most Shockingly Awful Names Major Cities Almost Had

Not worth the risk.

7 Iconic Skylines That Almost Looked Ridiculous

Bet you didn't know Australia, on top of it all, also has HORRIBLE WINTERS (in parts of it).

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That's how kids play in Australia. If your kid isn't up to wrestling gators, DON'T BRING THEM THERE.

4 Terrifying Children's Hobbies From Around the World

Charles Darwin taste-tested every animal he discovered. It's like how Darwin, Australia (or any other place in Australia) will chew you up and spit you out if you go there.

8 Humans Whose Eating Habits Would Make a Goat Puke

The Outback is like this picture but with scary animals and less available gasoline. #Australia

Australian Outback

It's a bar that has food. Even more importantly, IT IS NOWHERE NEAR AUSTRALIA

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Australia's army once tried to fight a war against emus. The army lost. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR CHANCES WOULD BE?

The 5 Most Embarrassing Failures in the History of War

Cracked contributor Alli Reed moved to Sydney and hated it. Like, HATED IT hated it.

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There are around a dozen shark attacks in Australia per year. That's a dozen too many.

The Animals That Make Australia The Deathtrap It Is

The saltwater crocodile: Australian, deadly, and depicted here with only very minor Photoshopping.

The Animals That Make Australia The Deathtrap It Is