Hibernation crafts

November Craft Caravan Kids Craft Club theme is hibernation. Here are some more crafts to do with kids if you're doing a hibernation unit at school or learning about hibernation at home.
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four baked cookies with almonds in the shape of hands and fingers on tin foil
Hibernation bear claw biscuits with almond claws
a child's painting of a hedgehog with a mushroom on its head and green background
cute hibernating hedgehog picture
a child's handmade christmas card with santa clause
winter hibernators - animal habitat poster. This would be fun as a large wall poster with a group of kids
a brown bear plate with eyes and nose on it's face, hanging from the wall
Paper Plate Bear Craft - brown plates are hard to come by; use brown paint and construction paper
a piece of art made to look like a sheep
bear hiding in a cave covered in cotton-fluff snow
four different pictures of trees and leaves on a blackboard with chalk pasted paper
autumn kids craft Archives - Time To Craft
chalk windy-day drawings with yarn hedgehogs getting ready to hibernate
a paper bag that has some kind of animal on it
Animals in Winter Preschool Activities, Lessons, and Printables
Paper Bag Bear cave
a little boy that is laying down with a stuffed animal in front of him on the floor
Make Bear Claw feet!
a chocolate cake with icing and sprinkles on it sitting in a cardboard box
Hibernation Craft
Paper Mache Hibernation Cave