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a hand holding up a paper doll with a blue ribbon around it's fingers
Finger Puppet People Craft
Finger puppet from a pill bottle.
five wooden spoons with different designs on them
super simple stick puppets for a table top theatre
two pictures of the same stuffed animal with blue eyes and black hair, one is wearing a white sweater
Kid's Crafts and Activities
sock puppet
a pair of white gloves with cats on them sitting on top of a wooden table
Winter Glove Puppets - Make and Takes
a glove full of finger puppets! This one is animal themed.
a pink cat mitt is held up by someone's hand with black eyes
Activity : Homemade Puppets
Mitten Kitten puppet
three paper bags with animals on them sitting on a table next to a framed picture
classic brown paper bag puppets
two paper dolls made to look like they are standing next to each other
Motors Archives | FANUC Ninja
puppets from plastic water bottles
three wooden dolls are standing next to each other in front of a black background, one is wearing a yellow dress and the other has purple hair
Fun Crafts For Kids To Do At Home
wooden spoon puppets
an orange door with curtains on it sitting in the street
hideously great homemade puppet theater
made from plywood, needs to rest against a small cabinet or have a stand to prevent tipping
a child's hand holding a piece of food in front of a colorful background
Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building
This table top puppet theatre has bottom access for the puppets, so kids can make a backdrop too.
a card with an image of two cats and a bird on it, in the shape of a box
Crafts | Disney Family
Simple shadow puppets from poster board + wood dowel, stick, or drinking straw
freestanding cardboard box puppet theatre Box Puppet, Homemade Kids Toys, Bulletin Boards Classroom Decor, Stage Designs, Puppet Theatre, Church Stage Design, Church Stage
A Home-Made Puppet Theater - Blue Purple and Scarlett
freestanding cardboard box puppet theatre
an open door with curtains and stuffed animals in it
Circus Inspired Puppet Theater - Make and Takes
Another awesome tension-fit doorway Puppet Theater
there is a small doll and a dog in front of a toy house
Easy To Follow Homemade Crafts & Creative Hobbies
Table-top shoe box mini-theatre
a little boy that is standing in front of a teddy bear on a red chair
Tension rod Doorway Puppet Theater, or make a free standing version for outside!