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Vintage Crochet Patterns

Crochet patterns that are vintage patterns - old crochet patterns

Download Original Bucilla Bedspread Creations Vol. 76

Download Original Bucilla Bedspread Creations Vol. 76

1934 Bucilla Book # 76 Bedspread Creations delivered in PDF format. Patterns include: Spider Web Popcorn Bedspread No. 662 & Pillow Ptn Popcorn Filet Basket Bedspread No. 663 & Pillow Ptn Rose Leaf Bedspread No. 667 & Pillow Ptn Two-Tone Diamond Popcorn Bedspread No. 666 & Pillow Ptn Irish Rose Popcorn Bedspread No. 664 & pillow ptn All of the Above come with Matching Pillow Crochet patterns. Bucilla Book # 76 Original Bucilla Bedspread Creations , printed originally by ...

Vintage Toddler Girl IRISH LACE Hand Crochet Dress Pattern Instructions with Beautiful Floral Accents - INSTANT Download

Vintage Cloche Hat & 1-Cord Scarf - Electronic Download

Vintage Red Rose Pattern Pack - Electronic Download

Happily Ever After Crochet Pattern - Electronic Download

Vintage Floral Doilies - Electronic Download

A Collection of Vintage Crochet Patterns and Edgings .99 Cents on Amazon

Vintage 1940's Crochet Patterns - Doilies, Shrugs, Afghans, Purses, 30 Vintage Crochet Patterns

Women's Two-Tone Crocheted Gloves - Gloves to Crochet Pattern - Kindle Crochet Patterns - Download Crochet Patterns Gloves

($1.75) Cotton Accessories for Town and Country: Crochet

($1.75) Originally published in 1945 by The Spool Cotton Company, this crochet pattern booklet gives directions on how to crochet every accessory-under-the-sun... bright, beautiful and easy-to-crochet... from hats, hair ornaments and earrings to blouses and bags... here are the ingred...

($1.99) Crochet or Knit these vintage bedspread in crochet cotton in your favorite color. These vintage patterns from 1948 include Waltz Time No. 6017 - Crochet Maid of Honor No. 6135 - Crochet Prophesy No. 6074 - Crochet Reveire No. 6038- Knit Coat of Arms No. 6125 - Crochet Margueri...

($1.00) Crochet a pair of gloves and a matching bag in crochet cotton. This vintage crochet pattern from 1941 published by Rayon crochet is a beautiful pattern for today

Crochet Girls Dresses, Sweaters Coats and More! A Collection of 13 Vintage Crochet Patterns for Little Girls

Vintage Crochet Women's Dress Pattern

Vintage Crochet Women's Dress Pattern

Vintage Crochet Women's Dress Pattern

Vintage Crochet Women's Dress Pattern

Crocheted Beauty Baby Set - Crochet Pattern for Sweater, Booties, Mittens and Hat - Download Kindle Baby Crochet Pattern

Craftdrawer Crafts: Crochet Colorful Fruit Coasters - Fun Fruit Shaped Coasters to Crochet - Grapes, Oranges and Pears to Crochet

Crochet a Pair of Vintage Gloves - Kindle Pattern

Handbags and Tote Bags to Crochet Kindle Book