Broderie Lazy daisy stitch – used to create a flower Pull needle though to front at Make a loop and insert again right next to Come out again at 2 holding the thread under the needle as you pull tight. Insert the needle at 3 and move onto the next petal.

Summer Nights Stitch-Along: Finish Your Embroidery

How to Finish + Frame Embroidery (Summer Nights Stitch-Along Part Three) Sew Mama Sew Outstanding sewing, quilting, and needlework tutorials since

A beautifully ornate original mandala design, carefully hand embroidered onto crisp calico fabric, on a 6 embroidery hoop. A really stunning feature, hung on any wall!

Step by step instructions for how to bind an embroidery hoop and correct set up for hand embroidery. BONUS: bind like this, using appropriate color and print, to make the hoop into a little frame for finished work.

DIY Cross Stitch Sweater Tutorial from Uber Chic for Cheap. She picked a sweater with a waffle pattern - a kind of ready made grid. She also lists lots of cheap cross stitch sweaters if you don’t want to DIY.