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    Pinterest Gone Wrong

    Pinterest Gone Wrong

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    too funny

    Pinterest Fail: Loom Me Up a Hula Hoop Hat | CraftFail
    • Claudia Collins
      Claudia Collins

      the same thing happen to me

    • Ginny Kuzlotsky
      Ginny Kuzlotsky

      Saw this, wanted to try it, never did, glad I didn't!

    Nailed it!!! LOL!

    Scrap the Scrapbook Paper Nails | CraftFail

    Nailed it!!! LOL!

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    yarn ball cupcakes - nailed it

    Melted Yarn Cookies | CraftFail

    Saw scrapbook paper nails on Pinterest... nailed it! (we will never get sick of "nailed it" jokes for nailpolish fails... will we?)

    Scrap the Scrapbook Paper Nails | CraftFail
    • Olivia Luke
      Olivia Luke


    Saw easy, DIY hand soap on Pinterest... nailed it

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    It looked so amazing on pinterest, but mine turned out like crap (First World Problems, CraftFail style)

    First World Pinterest Problems | CraftFail
    • Shanna Daniel
      Shanna Daniel

      So true ... I do not have a crafty bone in my body and it really showed with my pinterest craft

    • Alecia Barlow
      Alecia Barlow


    • Ann McGilchrist
      Ann McGilchrist

      God loves a trier, i will keep trying...

    • Dee Dee Jones
      Dee Dee Jones

      Ha! Ha! Don't you know it!

    • Aidan W.
      Aidan W.


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    Bacon roses. BACON! ROSES!!!

    Bacon roses. BACON! ROSES!!!
    • Yvonne Scott
      Yvonne Scott

      For Brittney

    • Chanika Moses Smith
      Chanika Moses Smith

      OMG I want!!!

    • Stacia

      ohhhh...just EWWWW!!. even my coffee tastes crappy now after looking bacon roses :-(

    sun tattoo. just say no (but I bet you could DIY that cover-up!)

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    • Jeneca Luckey
      Jeneca Luckey

      This woulda been even funnier if it was a Louis Vuitton print! lol, I hope I didn't just give someone a bad idea....

    • Lindsay Rudd
      Lindsay Rudd

      Funny shit

    • Robert Tucker
      Robert Tucker

      SHENANIGANS, it's a spray tan w diff stencil. It wouldn't be that sharp.

    • Stacia


    Hahahha! Abraham Lincoln "quote"

    Everyday Life of a Suburban SAHM: Wit Or Wisdom: #16

    Hahahha! Abraham Lincoln "quote"

    Everyday Life of a Suburban SAHM: Wit Or Wisdom: #16

    Paradox of Pinterest

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    Remember: choose a bold lip, OR a bold eye. Otherwise you risk looking overdone.

    Pinterest, You Are Drunk

    cooking and cleaning are for people who haven't discovered Pinterest yet.

    Pin Me: Cooking & Cleaning vs. Pinterest

    Screw Presentation, it's what's inside that counts #craftfail

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    • Beth Denton
      Beth Denton

      As long as what's inside is BACON!

    It looked cuter on Pinterest - snowman #craftfail

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    Melted Snowmen cookie fail

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    heart-shaped cupcakes #fail

    Heart-Shaped Choking Hazards | CraftFail

      OMG, I laughed to tears... but then I realized: maybe you should try it again, pouring less batter in every cup in a way that the baked cupcake barely reached the top. That way maybe they could keep the shape.

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    Choke hazard cupcakes

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    • Ali just for fun
      Ali just for fun

      O too funny!!!! I did this and that is exactly what happened!!! LOL

    snowmen cookies - #nailed it

    Pinterest Fail: Melted Snowmen Gone Wrong | CraftFail
    • Leigh Dudenhoeffer
      Leigh Dudenhoeffer

      Oh, man, I can't stop laughing!!!!!

    melted crayon art - not always a success

    Pinterest Gone Wrong: Melted Crayon Art | CraftFail
    • Julie Traveson
      Julie Traveson

      Michelle Jones

    • Jackie Haycock
      Jackie Haycock

      Vickie Haycock

    • cheyenne kiser
      cheyenne kiser


    • Mallory Powell
      Mallory Powell

      The ones that fail are the ones that substitute and don't follow the directions accordingly

    Pinterest craft fail: Pruh-jay-jays!

    Pinterest Fail: Pruh-jay-jays | CraftFail
    • Luckymama

      OMg!! hahahaha

    • Snowite Darwish Want
      Snowite Darwish Want


    • Fromm Me To You
      Fromm Me To You

      Laughed until tears ran down my legs ;)

    • Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins
      Lisa L. Rose-Hawkins

      OMG! Crying

    • Miss Whitney
      Miss Whitney


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    CraftFail: Saw Edible Candy Bowl on Pinterest... Nailed it.

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    Paint chip project - nailed it!

    Pinterest Fail: Paint Chip Art Gone Unstuck | CraftFail