Michelle Laberge

Michelle Laberge

British Columbia, Canada
Michelle Laberge
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Gracefully let go- love yourself- be honest- expect more than settling for crumbs

You get treated the way you allow people to treat you. Never settle or let people treat you bad, know that you deserve the best. Everything you can imagine.

Jamie Fraser - A. Malcolm, printer.

denise-alwaysuselove: “bat-cat-reader: “ (DigitalArtByLAS) ” The light is not present in Jamie’s eyes. It’s banked, waiting for Claire’s return.

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swaddled in a soft red velvety blanket. all tucked in for the night, good night moon, she whispered.

Santa by Tim Jessell

Illustrator Tim Jessell’s realistic “with a twist” style has been used in editorial, advertising, book and institutional categories—and has won awards in all of them.