House Interiors (early 1900s)

I'm a research junky. This board includes images from early 1900s catalogs, advertisements and other relevant research sources for an early century Craftsman / Bungalow / Arts & Crafts style home.

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House Interiors (early 1900s)

House Interiors (early 1900s)

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A Beautiful Reception Hall from "The Home Beautiful" 1915.

Misc. Period Pictures

The Thorsen House. So many good pictures in this article, it was hard to choose.

The Thorsen House

This huge pocket door is original to the house (built in about 1905). It is made of solid quarter-sawn white. It is 7-1/2' tall and just over 5' wide, with a thickness of 1-3/4". It runs on a wood track, and has never had any major work done to the structure (though it was refinished about 30 years ago). The door was originally in place to block off parts of the house to allow for more efficient heating, but now acts as a decorative element and a way to block out sound.

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    Wow that is amazing! So beautiful

A spacious and comfortably furnished library from "Interiors Beautiful" by M.L. Keith, dated 1922.

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Bookcase colonnades from 1915 pre-finished woodwork brochure

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    Angela Brummett

    Love there, we have a house in ridgely tn. Built in 1912 we are find ways to restore the cypress wood and other features of the house.

An Ideal Sunroom from 1915 pre-finished woodwork brochure

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Woodwork stain options from 1915 house interior woodwork brochure

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Cork may be the perfect flooring. It is a resilient floor and has a little "give" so feels soft to the foot. Yet it is extremely strong and durable. Modern finishes give cork a high level of protection from dirt and chemicals, and cork is naturally waterproof. With proper care, cork floors last 100+ years, and if damaged, can be easily repaired. Damp mopping with a mild detergent is all that is required to maintain a cork floor. It does not stain easily or require cleaning with harsh chemicals.

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How about really doing it right and have breathable shelves to prevent moisture build up? These shelves are said to be made of rope. This incredible closet is from a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

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A Modest Tudor with Quite the Collection — Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival

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An upstairs laundry room in the Wright house. Again, the goal was to imagine a laundry room that Wright might have designed, and to use materials that are found elsewhere to integrate the space into the rest of the house. The sink is a contemporary utility sink that is identical to one from the early 1900's, but the porcelain legs came from a salvage source. The cabinetry is based on the designs for the bathroom vanities, but the real key to the success of this space are the undercounter washer and dryer with integrated panel fronts. Upon first entering the room, you could easily miss them and just assume that this is a period utility room, which is what we wanted.

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Foyer in century old Four Square.

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Irvington Craftsman built in1910, Portland, OR. Fine Douglas Fir woodwork abounds on the first floor. Original pendant light fixtures greet guests in the entry hall. Through the hall towards the kitchen to the left of the stairs is the owners' collection of Roseville pottery.

The William and Mary Lind House - 1910 | Irvington Home Tour

Craftsman Bungalow w/full front porch, forma l entry, leaded glass, wood floors, and beautiful updated kitchen.

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100+ year old Classic estate house built in 1912 sits on apprx. 25 acres in Historic Waverly. American craftsmanship at its finest are on display in this Arts & Craft style Mansion. Beamed ceilings, panelled walls, tin ceiligs, oak floors, tile and marble bathrooms. A barn and second outbuilding provide potential for the equestrian in you. A must see!

1912 - Waverly, PA - $899,000 - Old House Dreams

In the early 1980s we partially restored the 1906 Bolton house in Pasadena, CA, by architects Charles and Henry Greene. The house had been modified and enlarged several times, and original features lost. Some early changes, like the 1918 bay window, had acquired historic status. When possible, we recovered the Greenes' original designs. View of restored entry hall shows original stair and 58" wide entry door. Note the Greenes' art glass in door. Photo is courtesy of Popular Woodworking.

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We completely restored the (1909) Ashbourne House by architect Frederick Noonan. Entry and principal rooms on first floor were restored to their original appearance, while upstairs bedrooms and baths were reworked. Night view of restored living room taken from dining room shows restored woodwork and tile fireplace.

Ashbourne House

The long neglected Arts and Crafts (1910) Mead house by Louis B. Easton was still basically intact. We restored every surface inside and out. Restored entry shows clear redwood paneling made from 1 x 24 inch boards. Easton wire-brushed paneling to accentuate grain pattern. After we cleaned the wood it was finished with a tung oil preservative.

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Laurelhurst 1912 Craftsman: Old Fashioned Phone Niche (probably mid 1920s)

Laurelhurst Craftsman Bungalow: Shopping Again

A niche for an old rotary phone.

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1906 Queensberry RD, Pasadena, CA - Estately $635K. Wow, look at that fireplace; I want a close up. I'll bet that's all Batchelder tile. With the application of some paint remover, this room would be grand!

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    I like this room very much.

1071 N Garfield, Pasadena, CA - Estately $640K. With the application of an astonishing amount of money, this one could be restored to grandeur; the wood is still there, but most of it has been painted. Enormous Craftsman built in 1895. Downstairs is a formal entry, formal living room with a fireplace, formal dining room, a library with a fireplace, two bedrooms, butler's pantry, kitchen, laundry/mudroom, breakfast room, bonus room, and bathrooms. Upstairs is four bedrooms, and bathrooms.

1071 N Garfield, Pasadena, CA, 91104 - MLS# 22154001 - Estately
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    This would be awesome if one had the money to restore it!

972 N Los Robles AVE, Pasadena, CA - Estately $1.3M! Historic Beaux Arts residence was built for Mary Elliott in 1911-12 by prominent architect B.Cooper Corbett.The grand entryway begins the journey into this 4 BR, 4 1/2 BA lovingly restored home. The interior renovation retains the original features adroitly mixing the old style while meeting the demands of 21st-century living.The expansive living room, showcases a dramatic floor to ceiling Batchelder fireplace.

Pasadena Real Estate & Homes for Sale

3937 NE LADDINGTON CTS, Portland, OR - 1913 - Estately $800K. Most of the woodwork has been painted, alas, but the den is still nice.

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    Because in the 1930s many people wanted the white painted look of the Colonials. The wood looked "old fashioned". Tragic, really.

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From 'The House Beautiful' 1925. Wow - 2 colonnades! The bookcase colonnades lead to a den at the end of the living room. The french doors in the den open onto a spacious dining porch.

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