Smart Health Talk Cooking Tip: Veggie Flower for parties/events or just fun food. Will keep expanding, our Fun Food Pinterest folder so hope you can join us there and not miss new pins. All fun foods can help with picky eaters. Kids more interested if help prepare food too. Just added new info for including more plant meals:

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Star-Wars | Free Printable Star Wars Valentine's for the kids classroom or your friends and family. Perfect for your Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Valentine's

Star Wars Tic Tacs & Jumping Frogs for Anna Sharing 50 DIY Kids Classroom Valentine's Day Ideas to make for your kids and their friends.


Made these alongside a month ago (or a little bit more) with the original kameronpans You can't see - but underneath is also the same color as the squir. Zenigame no Meronpan: Squirtle Melon Bread

you're the bomb.. with rollos! Changed this to single rolls of TNT for my sons Minecraft party prizes

"Your'e the bomb" Valentines gift for my chocoholic hubs--The dynamite was made from Rolo’s candy rolled with red paper. The wick is a bit of black licorice and the bundle is tied with some black pipe cleaner.

sailor moon cake!

take off Rini and Luna, and it would be one of the dorkiest wedding cakes ever for a Sailor Moon fan like me.

Sailor moon cake ( Luna and Artemis look a bit freaky, but still beautiful concept.)

An amazing Sailor Moon birthday cake. (Ideas for Aaliyah's birthday party next year).