Give the birds a fabulous little perch in your backyard. Made with all natural items, most of which you can find in your own yard.

How to Make a Fairy or Bird Perch | eHow

Bird house garden

10 amazing ideas for your garden - Cynthia Banessa

Bird box for robins and wrens

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Repurposed Glass Lid Hanging Bird Bath

Butterfly House

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Butterfly House

Beneficial Butterfly Shelter

dove bird houses

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Butterfly House

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Dove nesting in one of our customer's dove houses :)

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Birdfeeder made from pvc pipe and a clay pot bottom.

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Faye H.

Bird feeder made from a chick feeder with glass shield on top.

Mi Arte Del Jardin

Attracting Blue Jays (nesting platform, feeder, etc.)

How to Attract Blue Jays

Funky Junky Bird Bath- old light fixture set in an old lamp shade

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~: Happy sweet Thursday! & DIY Bird Bath

Repurposed Birdhouse Garden Assemblage on by SassytrashAntiques

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DIY tea cup candle sconce bird feeder tutorial @diyshowoff

Tea Cup Candle Sconce Bird Feeder Tutorial

Birdhouse Wood Patterns - Rustic Barn Birdhouse Wood Plan


DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Drill holes in bases for drainage, otherwise you seed will sour after a rain and this may make the birds sick if they eat sour seed with mold and other debris.

Mason Jar Bird Feeders ~

how to build a rabbit hutch | Design and Build Outdoor Rabbit Hutches Using Indoor Rabbit Cages


Tip: Landscaping That's for the Birds

Repurposed glass hanging bird feeder.

Vintage Cut Glass Elegant Hanging Repurposed Bird Feeder


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Glass bird feeder. -Looks like a candy dish with a vase extender-

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Robin Bird House - Bird House Design

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Robin Cardinal Box - Bird House

Items similar to Robin Cardinal Box - Bird House on Etsy