I love, love, love this. What a great way to see your wedding through your guests eyes!

Wedding Chalkboard Program

Coozie idea

Everyone brings their favorite picture with the bride or groom. What a lovely idea and totally adaptable.

thumbprint tree guestbook

Yes. Ring box. Done.

big, monogrammed dress shirts for the bridesmaids for getting ready on the big day. - Cute idea!

TO DO: After the wedding, donate all the live flowers to a nursing home. Deliver them in person and try to personally give one to all the ladies that live there. Ask them if they have any marriage advice for you!(this is beautiful)

Best RSVP card ever. Could you imagine the replies you would get from friends?!

The Shoe Game...This is SO CUTE! You have to read it! I know someone who did it, and it was my favorite part of the wedding!

Outdoor wedding or reception? Brides & bridesmaids can wear these to stay afloat in the grass. And for bonus thoughtfulness points, have a little basket of these available for your guests as well.

Personalized totes! So cute! #bridesmaid #gift #idea

Bridesmaid Gift

Such a good guest book idea! That way you already have everyones birthdays from both sides to start your new life!

No need for disposable cameras at your wedding! Wedding Party lets you create & customize your own #wedding app that your guests download. The photos captured by your guests at your wedding are then instantly shared with you and the other guests in real time! You can download them after your wedding for printing, scrap booking, etc. And it's FREE!

Better idea than a pillow...

Seriously. This is too cute. -Pictures of you growing up. The bride on the bride side and groom on the grooms side.

Country Music Wedding Songs. This should come in handy, @Loretta Chu :)

cute wedding photography ideas

I love, love, love this. If you don't do this, you're a fool

after the last friend gets married, everyone puts on their wedding gowns one last time for a photo shoot!!

This is so sweet...and I might just have to steal it! "This is how our story begins..."

Top 15 Wedding Photos

DIY iPad wedding photo booth!!

Cute photo idea for the bridal party-add the engagement ring to the bride's finger