Learning Things

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For easy pancake designs..... also for storing pancake batter so you can make only a few pancakes at a time. Brilliant!

Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser. Repurpose an empty ketchup bottle into a pancake batter dispenser and pour the right amount every time! It's also less messy and it makes it easier for making smiley face pancakes for the kids!

There are exactly 11 characters which are common to the Russian, Latin, and Greek alphabets.    (Yeah yeah, this isn’t really a photo.)

Venn diagram of the Greek (left), Latin (right), and Cyrillic (bottom) alphabets; the circle in the middle contains the letters all three alphabets have in common.

Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color [Infographic] - ever wonder why dining rooms tend to be red and kitchens yellow? This infographic explains the psychology beneath popular home paint color choices!