Snowman door!

Leilah's elf Twinkles will do this on her bedroom door to cute Children craft ideas Christmas decoration snowman door. This would be cute for the door of Charlie's room when he's old enough to not rip it all off.

Initials on the Christmas presents! Way cuter than those sticker tags.

What an awesome wrapping idea, take the first initial of whomever the present is for's name and wrap all of theirs with it, you wont even need tags. (unless, you have the same first letter or initial for every child) still a cute idea!

wreath gift wrap

DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Here’s how to make beautiful and creatively wrapped gift and presents this holiday season that the recipient will swoon over! These DIY wrap tutorials are perfect for gift bags, flat boxes, and all types of packaging even if you plan on shipping your gif…


sheet music trees- learn about music notes and have the Christmas songs the students are learning for their holiday concert and make as gifts for their parents All Boards,Crafty stuff,

Our family sits around making these after Thanksgiving dinner... the first scents of Christmas!

clove-studded oranges - reminds me of holidays as a kid. we should do this this year Hranowsky

Af's first Christmas ornament! saw off a piece of the Christmas tree each year to make an ornament.

Springtime Mickey Bark

We have done this from our first Xmas. LOVE IT!Cutest Family tradition ever.saw off a piece of the holiday tree each year to make an ornament, label with year and decorate.cute idea if we got real trees every year!