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there is a piece of paper that has been placed on top of some sort of machine
Known example of ST ST powder laser 3D Printing. PERA project was part of EU funding but funds ceased 3 month before end of project & the development M/C was sold to Liverpool Uni
a floppy disk with some colored plastic pieces attached to the disc and it's label
3.5 Floppy disc used to transfer data from PC to SLA 250. Also posting data to client companies. PKzip would later be used when file size were greater than the Floppy limit. This disc contains 3Dview on DOS
the book cover shows an image of a machine with gears on it and other images
2003 rapid casting book
a machine sitting on top of a wooden dresser
Solido SD 300 Pro pic laminating 3D printer. Now in the 3DP museum.
an oven with several white tubes in it
EOS UV oven open and showing UV lights. Now in the 3DP museum.
an electronic device is sitting on the pavement
Desktop UV oven from EOS for the Stereos Desktop SLA system. Now in the 3DPmuseum.com
the diagram shows how to use an electric device for making electrical components, including wires and switches
3D Making History
Photo Masking from the top and bottom and channeling focused UV light along optical cable controlled via X & Y positioning Z position moving down into vat of liquid resin.
an instruction manual for rapid prototyping and manufacturing
This months Proceedings: CAD benchmarking, Casting, Applications, SLA research, SLS research, Other processes Research, Systems,
the front page of a magazine with an image of a motorbike on it
2001SLA Cowling Radio Controlled Helicopter that made its maiden flight in April 2001 gets a mention in Model Helicopter World Mag. Chris Burrow from Ashley Rock
an office cubicle with many items on the desk and in front of it is a large window
SLA 350 Room at Pera during the years of 1995 and 2007 Display table with many interesting items. www.3DPmuseum.com