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Crochet 101

Flashback: Crochet Chain Stitch, Single, and Double Crochet, SOMEDAY I'm going to learn this!

DIY iPhone Gloves

DIY iPhone Gloves Conductive thread sewn on the side of your thumb and on your index finger.

Glowing Kryptonite Candy

Learn how to make candy glow under UV by adding vitamin In this Halloween episode of Becky's Workshop, we whip up some kryptonite candy, as seen in BrittLiv's Instructable.

Make an Upholstered Headboard

In part II of my bedroom series I show you how to make an upholstered illuminated headboard that has a floating effect by adding a second board to the back

Top 10 DIY Wedding Dress Ideas

For the second installment of Corinne's Craft Closet, I share with you my top 10 favorite DIY wedding dress ideas and inspiration.

Color Block Mountain Painting

If you are looking for easy ways to spruce up your bare walls in your home, look no further than this recent CRAFT video by Meg Allan Cole on DIY color block mountain painting. Meg created a five-paneled blue gradient.

Crocheted Circle Scarf

learn how to make an easy crocheted circle scarf! would be a great gift for the holidays or just a good gift for your cold neck. i love this project!

Pocket Reflectors for Cycling

Learn how to sew some pants pocket reflectors to gain visibility for night cycling in this week's CRAFT Video. They tuck into the pocket for storage and then flip out easily and quickly for riding.

Blacksmithing With Meg

In today's Craft video I had the pleasure of blacksmithing with Alex Himmelbaum.

Wall Monogram with Plaster Letters

Wall Monogram with Plaster Letters. I already have the M for Marcus!

Machine Knitting a Cosby Sweater (video)

Machine Knitting a Cosby Sweater Andrew Salomone uses a hacked knitting machine from the to "print" digital images into knitted garments. At World Maker Faire New York Andrew demon… source

DIY Faux Fur Wrap

It makes me so angry when I see dead animals draped on models in magazines and they call it fashion. Real fur is unacceptable and has always made my blood