no piercings aloud,that could make you look untidy.

Smiley piercing and nose piercing. I love the nose piercing, not crazy about the smiley piercing

make sure you nails are clean and clipped with no nail polish

Cute Pink Black Nail Designs For Short Nails

your hair need to be washed before working a cuisine work place were a hair net if you have to.

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feet needs to be washed regularly to prevent from smell

Long nails must be cut to prevent any discomfort during service, feet also must be clean to prevent an unpleasant odour

keep your hands washed and clean.always before handling food.

Hands by photographer Anders Bergström

body needs to be clean and have no odour.

My body dream

clothing needs to be washed to prevent odor

I like clothing fashion clothing,DIY clothing,luxury clothing,clothing making,clothing fashion

Face needs to be washed and clean shaven.

Lily Donaldson for Moonsoon ss 2011 Ad Campaign by Camilla Akrans

Maintain good oral hygiene brush your teeth aswell flossing them

How to Smile

27 Hygiene Tips To Keep You Fresh And Clean-Smelling