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Flights of Fancy

Inspired by all things that reach for the sky, our Flights of Fancy collection features elegantly engraved motifs in a carefully curated color palette that bring visual and textile brilliance to each and every handwritten correspondence.
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Hand Engraved When Pigs Fly Note: Get off to a flying start in correspondence with these whimsical notes boasting a hand engraved golden pig with wings.

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Engraved Butterfly Note: One of our most classic and coveted motifs, the engraved butterfly flutters elegantly in the center of this note, promising a handwritten note of equal beauty inside.

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Engraved Hot Air Balloon Card: With a flamed burst, one floats upward toward the heavens. The view takes the breath away, as does this engraved card, which features our elegant hot air balloon. Perfect for the correspondent who fancies unbridled leisure and adventure alike.

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Engraved Airplane Card: Blissfully above the clouds is where one will find the star of this engraved card. Perfect for the correspondent who possesses winged wonder.

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