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The Explorers Collection

Let’s wander in wonder around the world, or just until the sun sets. Inspired by all things that inspire a delight in discovery, our Explorers collection celebrates the 450th birthday of Galileo Galilei and features gold engraved motifs designed for the correspondent with a taste for adventure and fine craftsmanship alike.
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Engraved Stars Card: Should it be the subject of leisurely gazing or a beloved lullaby, the star takes its place in the night sky as it does on this card — among friends and with radiance. Perfect for well wishes and the celestial soiree thank you alike. Across the bottom - "Bright stars speak of your virtues." -Galileo

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Engraved Globe Card: Let’s travel the world, carry-on and cocktail in hand. Engraved in gold, our globe makes this card the perfect choice for the jet-setting and cartograph-adoring correspondent alike.

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Engraved Soleil Card: Warm wishes — literally — accompany this card, elegantly engraved with our gold sun. Perfect for the early rising correspondent and notes from the most temperate of climes alike.

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Engraved Luna Card: Be it over Miami or receiving wishes of goodnight, the moon offers quiet comfort when night blankets the sky. Engraved in gold on this card, it is the perfect choice for the night owl correspondent and soothing sentiment alike.

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