dark side of skateboarding. vader grind!

Stencil in the street. Come to the dark slide ! Get your own awesome Vader Skateboarding T-Shirt StarWars Street Art And more Darth Vader skateboarding


This wld be so much easier than having to keep buying lights from Walmart. Love riding at night, so much more peaceful.

Madrid 38" P-Cock Bamboo Longboard Complete

Madrid 39" P-Cock Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Complete

same with this one! minus the pink wheels.make it purple and we have a deal. Madrid P-Cock Bamboo Longboard Complete I absolutely hate madrid boards, and I hate the shape of this board. It's awful, but I do love the peacock feather.

Unikorn Longboards

The sweet handcrafted and laser engraved work of Unikorn Longboards