Jack Treats!

Jack Treats!

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An easy homemade dog treat recipe made with ingredients that you may already have in your home.

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Another pinner says, "I can testify to this--frankincense removed a large marble-sized tumor from my dog's shoulder in three weeks!" Essential Oils & Pets |

Essential Oils & Pets | Jo's Health Corner


Sometimes a dog just needs to get outside and run with its own kind. When your dog is sitting by the door and begging for a game of fetch, visit one of these seven highly-rated dog parks in Seattle for some fun and exercise. #Seattle

7 Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Seattle


Standing in the pet food aisle of your local grocery store, staring down the endless array of treats, chews, and snacks for your dog can get overwhelming – especially if you start reading those long lists of un-pronounceable ingredients! Instead of store-bought goodies, try making these simple treat recipes at home that are sure to have your dog begging for more! And, you’ll feel good knowing each treat is made with love, using only local, safe, and healthy ingredients!

3 Simple Dog Treats You Can Make at Home


A new take on puppy chow, muddy buddies, or sweet snack mix. Whatever you call it, you’ll want to make a double batch of this birthday cake-flavored dessert. It’s a simple mix of cake batter, melted white chocolate, sprinkles, and rice cereal. Just mix in a Ziploc® bag and shake!

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QUESTION ► What Kind of Bones and Treats are Good for a Boston Terrier? What kind of treats/bones do you give to your Boston Terriers? www.bterrier.com/

What Kind of Bones and Treats are Good for a Boston Terrier?


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25 DIY Pet Bed Ideas

25 DIY Pet Bed Ideas - Architecture Art Designs


25 Apple Recipes for Dogs by IrresistiblePets.com

Irresistible Apple Recipes for Dogs - Irresistible Pets


Peanut Butter Bacon Dog Treats - pups LOVE them and they're so easy to make.

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Homemade Dog Treat Recipe–Peanut Butter Cookies - EverythingEtsy.com

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I know how many times this information is handy in a pinch Amazing DIY Home Remedies for Pets // #pinaholicmyrie

DIY Remedies For Pets


10 Recipes for Homemade Dog Treats - Dukes Duchesses dukesandduchesses...

10 Recipes for Homemade Dog Treats - Dukes and Duchesses


Perfect!! Freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats, etc to keep dogs from getting bored and overheated in the backyard. What a great idea!!

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Pumpkin helps soothe upset dog stomachs & relieves anal glands. This is a great recipe for pumpkin dog biscuits.

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Homemade Dog Food: Recipes & Nutrition Guide - I've actually read that the carb % should be less and the protein % higher that that....

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10 Recipes for Homemade Dog Treats - Dukes & Duchesses dukesandduchesses...

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Homemade Pill Pockets for dogs recipe 1 tbsp, Milk 1 tbsp, Peanut Butter 2 tbsp, Wheat Flour Mix the ingredients together in a coffee cup with a fork, and knead in your hand & Store in a plastic bags in refrigerator.

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Simple recipe for heart shaped natural dog treats using peanut butter and greek yogurt — you just need the ice molds!

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Blueberry Gourmet Dog Treats... Don't worry, I have done a web search and almost all of the results I got said blueberries are great for dogs!

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Frozen Banana Treats For Dogs Recipe - Food.com - 397365

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3 Homemade Dog Food Recipes / villagegreennetwo...

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Website with lots of Homemade Dog Treat Recipes!

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Happy dog. Dog Pool for Summer!

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