Rise & Shine Photos) Early mornings have a bad reputation.Everyone wants to sleep in. Nobody wants to wake up early. But then that’s modern living, I guess.


I love to pick flowers for my girl :) I even give them to random strangers And remind them all, that they are beautiful

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black and white photo of little boy giving little girl flowers

makes me smile :)

Watching TV with a friend . who's more interested the golden lab or the kid?

Truly Mans best friend

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happy little boy wearing glasses hugging a pomeranian

I can beleieve ! is one of most joyful photo ever see ! It really made me feel the love for his puppy ! The puppy is as cute as he is. too cute.


cute baby , This cutest thing I observed right now. Your baby traffic cone.regarding texting people?

Oh, gosh, this sooo reminds me of my son when he was little and would laugh until he couldn't breathe!

baby - Belly Laughs - holding stomach - laughing - diaper - black and white photo - PIN MIX