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I'm a Potterhead

Harry Potter Gryffindor baby quilt. Gotta start 'em early...

delete key harry potter style

And THAT'S how you protest something folks...

How many ways are people going to use this line? ;] The more you do it, it just strengthens the sound of Matt's voice in my head when I read the word cool....

this is seriously cool... but now I know there are people out there that are much crazier than I when it comes to Potter.

Hahahahaha! I wish I could say that this isn't true, but it totally is!

Harry Potter's Resume. The only thing this young man might need to explain is the lack of a graduation date from Hogwarts. . .hopefully he got credit for life experience!

Harry Potter High Heels

do it yourself divas: DIY: Harry Potter Snitch Ornament, so cute!!! Next years tree should be Harry Potter! - Note: pinned on here for my Guider friends who love everything Harry Potter. :)

Every Harry Potter chapter illustration ever, in a single poster.

Harry Potter Quidditch Necklace

Harry Potter Tribute Charm Mashup Necklace -- love it!

Harry Potter Book Charm Bracelet.