Sometimes I question my sanity but the unicorn and the gummy bears told me I'm fine. #silly

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And it doesn't help when I have a six foot tall high school kid with a beard constantly reminding me I'm technically old enough to be his mom... haha turd.

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Very awkward

teaching literacy.

Fed up with all the excuses, life is about choices, and actions speak for themselves. Deal with the consequences alright.

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so true.

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Not happening.

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Angela Mohnkern

Sorry not sorry

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 51 Pics

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Sometimes it just comes out that way! Sorry!

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Oh My Freaking Stars!: An Adorable Bundle

Oh My Freaking Stars!: An Adorable Bundle

“There’s just no need for it (piv). Our bodies weren’t made for that. A big clue is that every hetero female’s “first time” is painful. No other form of stimulation is painful. a woman has to make her body not feel pain via piv over time.{ author claims there are other ways to become pregnant??? Liberal feminism


So true!

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Happy Hour Humor 67 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour

Serious list maker here and I DEFINITELY do this all the time!! Story of my life

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My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open - this is exactly what my ADD feels like! posting to my office wall

{INPIRATION: momentarily tapped out} | The Sweet Escape

Not all girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. Some are made of sarcasm, wine and everything fine...

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