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This is a drawing of the "hang loose" or "shaka" sign. The Hawaiians use this sign as a concept of friendship, understanding, compassion, and solidarity in the cultures in the Hawaiian culture.

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is my lazy day! Messy buns, boots,sweats, and a hoodie. It gives wonders honey. _Ella Qotd: would u rather wear high heels or vans?

Haha. I like the spring one, how about you guys? Lol

5 seconds of summer. 5 seconds of spring. 5 seconds of fall. 5 seconds of winter.

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds Of Summer 5sos

I'm just gonna keep freaking out when luke likes my stuff my dream of him noticing me is coming true! :) please notice me luke help get him to like my pics

I find calum's hair so attractive .idek why .

Read The song you listen to when he's on tour from the story 5 Seconds of Summer BSM Preferences by weebtrashallie (Allie) with reads. michaelclifford, l.

Ashton Irwin 5 Seconds of Summer 5sos

I love how everyone just debates over how hot Luke is, and why everyone loves Luke, and over Calum's voice and stuff, and I'm just here thinking 'Ash deserves more love. I can give him that love