I'm not a Harry Potter fanatic, but there is so much emotion portrayed in this one scene, and in this shot, it is just beautiful!

He loved her, but he loved her obsessively and controllingly. If she had returned his feelings for whatever reason, I think that he would end up accidentally being emotionally abusive to her because he'd be so scared of losing her. Maybe something for ?

The Harry Potter Fandom at its finest, discussing the non-discrimination within the house system within the novels (as well as pointing something out that has been nagging at the back of my brain for so long).


My note: Maybe, if Newt visited SE Asia. Aragog wouldn't have been from this trip. Acromantulas are from Borneo, according to FB&WtFT (the original book). | Previous Pinner: "ARAGOG MIGHT'VE BEEN GIVEN TO HAGRID FROM NEWT SCAMANDER"


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