Audrey Hepburn

"Statistics tell us that Audrey died young. What no statistics can show is that Audrey would have died young at any age.

Elaine Taylor, wife of actor Christopher Plummer, wearing an outfit from Mr Freedom. Photograph by Enrico Sarsini, January, 1971. Image scanned by Sweet Jane.

I definitely had boots like these and LOVED them! Short-alls, nylons and boots -- 1970 -- Elaine Taylor, wife of actor Christopher Plummer (they are still married today)

follow me @cushite 1970's Fashion. My 3rd grade teacher looked and dressed just like this!

Obviously a lovely Asian looking rosa monkton off up the high st to spend her dole or perhaps a quick nip into the job centre before tea.

Audrey Hepburn

missingaudrey: ““ Audrey Hepburn on the set of Charade, 1963 ” ”

Jan Stewart photographed by Bruno Benini, 1966.

Jan Stewart wears Mondrian inspired Simona mini dress for Sportsgirl by Bruno Benini - 1966

Audrey Hepburn