i like things that are old, weird & turquoise.
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The custom of men buying women drinks is nothing more than them wanting the women to lower their inhibitions. If you want to see how good a guy really is, ask for something nonalcoholic and see how he responds. If he gets upset, he's a shitbag.

freedomborn: “ rainfelt: “ cardozzza: “ notyourexrotic: “ (source) ” Whoa, I didn’t realize that it was so deliberate, I honestly thought it was unconscious ” Scary, scary. ” Interesting thought. Do keep in mind though that alcohol isn’t inherently.

"When you refuse to let your boss (privileged people) into your office (safe space), they feel offended because they think they're entitled to entering your space all the time." Biggest indicator of privileged folk: look for anyone who targets a minority movement + says, "what about White/straight people/men??"

'safe spaces'-although in my experience, gay people are not excluded from straights' social circles but thats just my personal experience