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All About Me

A synopsis if my creative work over the years

All About Me

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Hello, my name is Will Cole and I'm a London based Senior Creative Director with about 20 years experience.

You've probably never heard my name as I've always preferred to let what I do blow the trumpet for me. It helps me do great things without losing sight of why.

I'm a doer, not a talker and while you may not know me - you will hopefully have seen or engaged with the work I've created - just never associated it with my name.

But, I was there when your old mobile phone was replaced with the one you showed off to your friends because it had a colour screen - creating the first mobile site for Government

I probably helped you get into financial difficulty, overspending on one of the many credit cards I designed.

Or facilitated the paying of your bills and the transfers of your hard earned cash while you navigated user friendly internet banking.

You may even have filled up the tank in your car with one of my posters staring down at you as the price ticked up.

I may even have helped you buy the car that you drive every day to the local petrol station.

and you've probably collected points on your loyalty card at petrol stations and stores around the country.

I guess, I've always been there with you. Even on the days when you got sick.

And then there were the days when you knew your actions would make you sick.

There were the longs days in the summer when you just wanted to learn something new.

And I kept you warm in the depths of the cold winter when you just wanted to curl up with a book.

I'm certain that I helped you choose a great Blu-ray movie that made you feel great.

I was there the day you unboxed your new broadband and I held your hand while you got it all set up and working.

I kept your kids busy while you were busy doing adult things.

I've kept you healthy and probably brought your cholesterol level down

and I've kept you informed on how to stick with a fully active lifestyle

I've given you a gentle nudge when you needed to get an eye test

and made you wish you were elsewhere, as your wife bought wonder products you probably didn't need

I helped you reaffirm your inner trekkie, that you vowed you wouldn't let anyone know

I've helped you feel really, really smart

I've made you laugh

I've made you cry at the world

and when you thought you'd cried enough. I made you cry some more.