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Sally Pointer & Hallie Rubenhold making replica 18thC style condoms for 'The Secret Life of...Casanova' 2012
an empty bag with a red ribbon on it next to a bookmark that says, what's all the evidence of marriage?
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First attempt at replica 18thC animal intestine condom (and slightly spoof wrapper) made by Sally Pointer. Please contact me if you might like to commission one for display purposes!
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In 1564 physician Gabriello Fallopio recorded the use of thin chemically soaked linen sheets held in place by a ribbon. His treatise on syphilis, published in 1564 includes the first reference to the wearing of condom-like devices to protect against the disease
four different types of knifes are displayed on a black surface with tape around them
Image gallery: sheath
British Museum, with paper wrappers
an old drawing of people in front of a fire
Image gallery: The Tar's Triumph, or Bawdy-House Battery
British Museum: 'The Tar's Triumph, or Bawdy-House Battery' Satire on the Penlez riots of July 1749 when a number of brothels in the Strand area were wrecked by sailors; a street scene with prostitutes and their clients escaping from a building; a man is throwing objects from an upper window, including condoms, a birch, boxes of pills and patches and cosmetic aids; in the foreground, a prostitute and a sailor tussle for a bedsheet; to right, a bonfire of the brothel's fashionable furniture, an execution broadside and a number pamphlets; on the wall to left, an advertisement for Dr Rock's remedy for venereal disease. 1749
two pieces of cloth are laying on a black surface next to a ruler and tape
Image gallery: sheath
British Museum: 1790-1810
this is an old drawing of people dancing
Image gallery: satirical print / print
British Museum: Satire; a crowd of men and women gesticulating with inflated condoms towards two gentlemen, one of whom walks off to right; a young boy and a dog in the foreground. c. 1785-6 Etching
an old document with writing on it
Condom - Wikipedia
A page from De Morbo Gallico (The French Disease), Gabriele Falloppio's treatise on syphilis. Published in 1564, it describes what is possibly the first use of condoms
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