Back On Pointe: Photo

Chloe "the pointe shoe" flat I'm not sure how I feel about these. I'd probably try to go on point and break them or my feet. plus when you're in dance shoes all day it's nice to see your feet in something else once in a while. but they are super cute!


Ballerina made from cigarette smoke. I hate that it's cigarette smoke, but the smoke part is just awesome

Polina Semionova.

Favorite ballet dancer ever: Polina Semionova. Hired as a principle dancer for the Berlin Ballet right out of school and now dancing with ABT.

If Julia decides she wants to do ballet, I'm definately printing this out & hanging it in her room. So cute!

french ballet poster - so sweet! Would be perfect for a little girl's room.

I’m a Cat. Let me teach you about being graceful…

I'm a Cat. Let me teach you about being graceful Photographed by Karen Kuehn for National Geographic, 1993

ballet in red

I have wanted red toe shoes since I was a little girl, even though I quit ballet…


I'm gonna have photos like this posted in ,my babygirl's nursery/bedroom! I want so badly for her to be a ballerina! Crystal-encrusted ballet slippers from Clover Canyon Fall 2013