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Take a q-tip dip it in a cap full of hydrogen peroxide and scrub on teeth leave on for 30 seconds and then brush teeth. Do for a week straight in the morning and before bed. See amazing white teeth results!


Korean Skincare: The Difference Between Serums, Essences & Ampoules

KOREAN SKINCARE: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SERUMS, ESSENCES & AMPOULES A deep investigation into the Korean skincare regimen.

20 Life Hacks for Your Beauty Routine

Broken Eye Shadow? Sprinkle a little into a bowl. Then add about 20 drops of clear nail polish. Mix together with a toothpick until combined. Then paint your nails! A wonderful way to get rid of your broken eye shadow and create your own nail polish! cool

"Leave your legs wet whenever you get out of the shower and apply a dot the size of your pinky nail to each cleanly shaven leg. Your legs will feel insanely amazing."