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Creative Review

Creative Review

Magazine/blog featuring the best in visual culture.

More smartphone imagery from Centrefolds latest issue, which profiles emerging photographers and models. The photographs have been enlarged to A2 size

The latest issue of large format arts and fashion magazine Centrefold features some striking imagery shot using Nokia Lumia smartphones

Each Airfix model in Thom Atkinson's photography series represents a period and location of conflict that Britain has been involved in..

Photographer Thom Atkinson uses painted Airfix models to explore the mythology of conflict

Noriko Yabus underwater self portraits have been likened to Eugene Delacroix's visions of Ophelia

Japanese photographer Noriko Yabu has created a striking series of self-portraits submerged in a bath

Carl Kleiner's abstract images for Herman Miller showing the range of materials in the company's new palette

Photographer Carl Kleiner's abstract compositions for furniture brand Herman Miller

Frank Hallam Day's Ship Hulls series, exploring the effects of passing time on man made objects

Frank Hallam Days' images of ship hulls have an almost painterly quality

Philip Toledano's 'frat boy ballet', illustrating Caitlin Flanagan's article in The Atlantic on out of control fraternities

One of a series by Philip Toledano for an article in The Atlantic on college fraternities. Subjects were shot in mid air after jumping on a trampoline

Dickens House in Kilburn, photographed by Peter Chadwick. Chadwick has launched a site showcasing photographs of brutalist architecture and design projects inspired by the movement

Balfron Tower in Bow, East London, photographed by designer Peter Chadwick for photographic archive This Brutal House

Graphic designer Peter Chadwick is launching an online photographic archive of brutalist architecture. Chadwick has shot various buildings around London and is also working with photographers in the US and Europe

Daniel Kovalovsky has been working on his Green Silence series for two years, depicting forests in various locations

Hungary-based Daniel Kovalovsky aims to capture the stillness and calm associated with forests and woods

Daniel Kovalovszky's ongoing Green Silence project explores the "faraway, ancient silence of natural spaces"

One of a series of classic film posters given a Muppets makeover in Little White Lies. Illustration: Edgar Regalado

Fifty Shades of Green, an illustrated Kermit memoir featuring artwork by Nicholas John Frith

Another of Timba Smits' illustrations for Little White Lies' Muppets issue...

Timba Smits' section dividers for Little White Lies' Muppets issue reference the film's plot, in which the characters are suspected of taking part in a series of diamond heists

Little White Lies: the Muppets issue features some great illustrations of the film's colourful cast. Cover: Studio Muti

Hvass & Hannibal's print for Heal's recently relaunched fabrics collection, inspired by forests and pressed flower samples

Heal's has launched its first fabric collection since the 1970s, with a range of new and archive designs including this one from Malika Favre, inspired by flamingos in France