House welcoming gift…

Such a cute House warming gift idea.a hammer and a bottle of wine. This is a cute, funny idea. Write "Take a break from all the hard work and get Hammered.Happy New Home!

Best ever wine tag for holiday hostess gifts!

Movies recreated in LEGO, costumes to avoid, and more!

This Thanksgving wine bottle tag is hysterical because it is so true. PRIMITIVES BY KATHY 'This Wine Pairs Well With Turkey and Difficult Relatives' Wine Bottle Tag available at Nordstrom.

LEGO Figures Make Perfect Cable Holders by Melanie Pinola, lifehacker #Cable_Holder #LEGO

LEGO Figures Make Perfect Cable Holders

Funny pictures about Clever Key And Cable Holder. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Key And Cable Holder. Also, Clever Key And Cable Holder photos.

I love that everything else has punched through or been thrown into the wall and then Iron Man just looks like he got shoved.

Avengers night lights should I be psyched that this is amazingly cool. Or creeped out that three are remnants and body parts of super heroes in my room?

Sound wave bracelet.   You record yourself saying something, send it to the company, and they make a bracelet in the shape of the sound waves you spoke. $18

Turn a Sound Wave into Jewelry - The Sound Advice Project makes it easier you to give a message. Each bracelet is custom made and the arrangement of the beads represents a sound wave you record.

Great idea for graduation party or birthday

love this idea for a graduation party or special birthday . photos hanging from balloons to create a chandelier over a party table.very fun party decoration and conversation starter. Great for anniversary party. Gather photos from over the years.

Sixteen Shot Drinking 'Battleship'

It's Beer Battleship! Play the same as regular Battleship, but when you're ship gets hit, you drink. To really get things moving, fill all the ships with shots and all the free spaces with beer (a little mind you) and drink on every turn.

Home Cookin' Sign » This is really fun!

This playful sign shows the way to your delicious down-home cooking. It makes a cheeky, retro accent for the kitchen or dinette. Find the Home Cookin' Sign, as…


Jagged Wood Fragments Find New Purpose When Fused with Resin by Jeweler Britta Boeckmann

Melbourne-based designer and jeweler Britta Boeckmann has a way of seeing the perfect in the imperfect, a skill she uses to form a hugely diverse array of wearable objects from fused wood and resin.

Little Robot Plush with a Big Red Heart Robot Doll by GinnyPenny

Plush Robot with a Big Red Heart - Geeky Gift - Nerdy Stuffed Plushie - Felt Robot

Little Robot Plush with a Big Red Heart Robot Doll by GinnyPenny

Just a reminder to do the little things.  And keep doing the little things.  Because someday you'll realize they were the big things!

So darn sweet! If we could all have this kind of love! “It’s been 5 years since my grandpa died, and we still randomly find love notes and poems he hid around the house for my grandma.

landscape ring series by clive roddy - little wooden landscapes to wear

Welcome to the home of Clive Roddy, a designer/maker based in the South West of the UK, aiming to create quirky yet desirable objects that induce a feeling of intrigue and happiness.