Victorian style Volery - A large bird cage! Perfect for an elegant Chicken House with fancy chickens! OMG most gorgeous "bird house" I've ever laid eyes on! I have no birds but want it anyway!

leaving the nest

Wood ducks leaving the nest! Wood ducks roost/nest in trees up to 30 ft. off the ground, and the babies have to make that great leap to the ground on their day of life. And most of the time, its over dry ground. grow up a bird house.  Beautiful.

vintage tin bird house A beauty of a birdhouse! Birdhouse Bird feeder & Bird house Giant bird of paradise


Upcycled Heart Shaped Decorative Birdcage - for sale on Etsy - I'm interested that this is hand-wrought and love the heart shape - would go with a less vivid color if it were me - would prefer shades suited to Shabby Chic - tå√

Birdhouse  /Shabby Chic

Bill Giyaman posted Gorgeous weathered bird house to their -birds- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Coca Cola bird house

Coca Cola bird house - see? I really like unusual and outside the box stuff. The signs, boxes and other stuff is getting mundane

Antique bird cages

100 idées pour décorer ses murs

A birdcage makes for some great art. DIY indoors or outdoors. What about birdcages and pretend birds inside at an event? They are such interesting shapes!

It's "for the birds!"

Whimsical white picket fence with many small birdhouses. ~ why yes, yes I would love a bunch of colorful birdhouses on my fence! So quaint and it.

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