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Elsa Aesthetic Cuff Bracelet
a silver and blue bracelet with snowflakes on the inside, sitting on a white surface
Gold color inlay cuff bracelet with images of fern, dahlias, and other leaves and flowers. Clay Beads, Focal Bead, Polymer, Dahlia
White Dahlia Fall Bracelet
Slices of masterpiece polymer clay canes!
Artisan Bracelets for Fall
Handmade, one-of-a-kind, wearable masterpieces.
a bracelet with flowers painted on it sitting on top of a leafy ground next to leaves
Artisan Cuff Bracelets
Materpiece cuff bracelets made by hand.
Sunflower Cuff Bracelet
I love making these!!!
a green bracelet with purple and white flowers on it
a cuff bracelet with flowers and leaves painted on the side, surrounded by other jewelry pieces
Autumn Leaves Cuff Bracelet - Etsy
Layers of millefiori and gold leaf.
Gold color brass cuff bracelets covered in slices of polymer clay canes backed with translucent clay. Green fern, white daisies and purple wildflowers. People, Nature, Friends, Collage, Diy Jewellery
Nature Collage Bracelets
Handmade, one of a kind, wearable masterpieces.
Fairy Garden Cuff Bracelet
One of a kind, handmade, masterpiece bracelets.
Polymer Clay Cuff Bracelet
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