haha .

And she is still waiting…

Dumb Girl Shopping Waits In Line Behind Mannequins: This is hilarious. The girl was waiting in line behind mannequins for five minutes before she finally realiz

so me!

"Sorry I've been a bad friend lately. I've been busy being an awesome hermit." Always feel like this after I've found an awesome series to read!

We will have this conversation again after you have changed out of your sassy pants. My sassy pants are not removable!

The two things girls wonder about the most, where bruises come from and where bobby pins go. Guard <<< Where do he come from; Where did he go? Where did he come from, Cotton Eyed Joe.


Chocolate Is A Salad: Chocolate comes from cocoa. Cocoa is a tree. A Tree is a plant. Therefore, chocolate is a salad. Can't argue with that logic.


Minions from despicable me. When a friend and I think of something in a dirty way.

adorable printables for the kitchen

Cute Free Printable Quote with Illustration for the Kitchen. Roll with it, rolling pin & Be grateful, grater. - DIY DONE!

haha yes!

If your thighs touch, you're one step closer to a mermaid. So who's he real winner here? LOL take that all you thigh gap people